There are some basic principals to follow when assessing saddle fit

Here are just a few signs that your saddle may not fit.

Don't forget that horses change shape!

A saddle which fit your horse 6 months or a year ago may not necessarily fit him today.




1. Behavioural problems. Does your horse dislike is saddle? Does

he have a bad attitude towards work or pin his ears back or swish his tail when being saddled?

Bucking, rearing, refusing jumps and even spooking can be related to saddle fit.



2. Freedom of movement. Does your horse move less freely than you would like?

Do you struggle to get your horse long and low? Does he have a short, choppy stride? 



3. Saddle Movement. A well fitted saddle should not move excessively. A saddle which moves around on the horses back or slips off to one side or backwards or forwards may cause discomfort to your horse and could indicate that it doesn not fit well.  




4. White hairs. White hairs under the saddle or on your horses

mane are a tell tale sign of pressure points. 



5. Uneven saddle contact. Are there dry patches in the sweat

pattern when you remove the saddle?



6. Soreness in the back. Does your horse flinch when you touch his back?

Lameness, stifle and hock problems can also be related to saddle fit.



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