Lucy Badham

Meet up-and-coming superstar Lucy Badham and the beautiful horses she competes with. 


"I have never been so lucky trust me that's why I will work by bum off to give these horses the best possible chance xx" 

Survivors Choice aka Gucci .

Lucy Says "Gucci is a 3 year old holsteiner. Working under saddle and going to be the next superstar we hope"

Flower de Grozilles aka Tiny

Lucy Says  "Tiny is a 5 year old warmblood. Broken late last year by myself whilst going through chemo to keep my motivated. She is only small at 15.1 but has a fantastic jump in her . She has taken a while to mature so still jumping novice classes , she will be turned away next week and ready to compete properly next year" .

Wanora G aka Krunchie. 1

Lucy Says  "3year old Dutch gelding. I have owned him since a 4 year old . I produced him up to an 8 year old then it was getting too expensive so my friend James started competing him. He jumped his first 1.30 and qualified for hoys and went on to jump the 1.45 final at hoys a month later. I had to sell him in 2012 and was reunited with him late last year. We are now back out competing jumping 1.10s -consistently getting placed and looking forward to jumping bigger and lots of qualifiers next year".

Kilshanny King aka George

Lucy Says  "Georgie is an 8 year old Irish gelding. He only starting competing in July 2016 having been a happy hack for his lovely owner Suzanne bond.  He has really come out of himself and is proving to be pretty special. He is now jumping 1.05 and we have big goals for next year"

About Lucy


Lucy Badham - born and bred in Hampshire. 


"I started riding when I was 10 and coming from a non horsey household It was hard to persuade my parents to let me do it as a hobby! I worked weekends and after school at the local stables to pay for my lessons.


I got my first pony when I was 13 when we moved to Scotland I didn't want to leave her behind. she was a complete nutcase but the bravest pony ever and won me lots of showjumping competitions . I still have her now she will be 24 next year.I done a little bit of buying and bringing on cheap ponies to fund a good horse which was krunchie.I left school at 16 and went straight on to work with horses .


I have worked at various yards from riding school , breaking/stud and working for showjumper James smith.I moved back to England when I was 22 and decided to go freelancing teaching , schooling and breaking horses . I built up a good reputation in the area.In April 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to sell all my horses and give up work.


As soon as I was fit again after having a mastectomy I decided that 2016 was my year to have fun. I came across a yard that I now rent and filled up very quickly with full liveries. I got krunchie back after selling him in 2012 and have now ended up with a team of 4 horses . 2 of which I am riding for Suzanne bond who I met through cancer.


It has always been my dream to be a showjumper but I have never had the money and if I've had the money I haven't had the time because of working so much.So this year my liveries have funded my showjumping and I am loving every minute of it.


I am now jumping 1.20 tracks again I truly believe with 4 very good horses 2017 could well be my year to shine.I don't have a fancy lorry or lots of fancy tack but I do believe I have the horses and I have the commitment it takes .


I raised of £15000 for charities whilst I was ill holding my event "The Trot For Life " a sponsored horse ride which I am going to run annually. I shared my journey on social media which inspired thousands getting me In to the front pages of newspapers and even on tv!"

Wanora G
Wanora G
Flower de grozilles
Survivors Choice
Wanora G
Survivors Choice
Flower de grozilles



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