Saddle Fitting

Saddle fitting is a complex task and is best left to a professional. 


To assist you with choosing your new saddle it is best to arrange an appointment with one of our saddle fitters who will visit you and  your horse.

This video featuring Lisa Fay, our senior saddle fitter explains the consultation process

What to expect from your saddle fitting appointment


Please allow approximately 1.5 hours per horse. 

We will visit you and your horse at an agreed time. Our saddle fitter will consult with you and take some details about your horse including medical history, workload and some measurements. 


We will need to see your horse trot up to identify any lameness and potential issues which may affact the fit of a saddle. If your horse is found to be lame we will cease the consulation and rearrange for another time (Please see our terms and conditions here for information on cancelled bookings, and unable to proceed bookings)


The horses back and overall condition will be assessed. If there are any concerns we may refer you to your vets and cease the consultation.


If the horse already has a saddle we will ask to see it and assess the fit which may include a ridden assessment. 


We will then provide you with advice and help you to choose the correct saddle for you and your horse. 






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